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What Kind Of Steel Tubing Does Your Project Require & What Else Can You Do With Steel Pipe?

When you think of steel tubing, you might think of pipe that's sometimes used in plumbing or any number of industries that use steel pipe to transport material. As one of the nation's largest steel suppliers, we're happy to supply you with most types of steel pipe and tubing. If you're looking for a type of steel tubing that we don't offer, we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

On this page, we want to talk a little about the more common structural steel pipe and tubing that we offer at Eagle National Steel. Whether it's round or square steel tubing, a small garage hobby or a huge building, steel pipe and tubing is a strong and affordable material that might just be ideal for your project. Consider the following five things when choosing steel pipe for your next project.


5. Round Steel Pipe

Steel pipe and steel tubing are very similar, and their usefulness is nearly unlimited. While some industrial applications look to this type of steel pipe to move material, it’s the structural qualities that make steel pipe so popular. From chromoly tubing like you'll find in a race car roll cage and high-pressure gas lines to standard welded steel pipe, this is a material found just about everywhere. In fact, you'll find steel pipe in everything from a corral fence to those safety bollards in front of buildings--and often even as part of the building itself. That's because the right steel pipe or tube is impressively strong, so it's able to carry its weight as part of a structure. When it comes to strength, steel bollards can even stop a vehicle that's out of control.

Other places you might see such structural steel pipe and tubing include handrails and roadside safety rails. Steel pipe is also used in fencing, and it's an ideal material to address a wide range of construction needs. In fact, if you've ever seen a bridge being built, you may have seen large steel pipes being driven into the ground to help support the rest of the structure.


4. Square Tubing

This is another incredibly popular material. While we may be one of the nation's largest suppliers and called upon for projects like new NFL stadiums, we frequently fill small orders of square steel tubing. Everyone from weekend hobbyists looking to build some sturdy shelves in their backyard shop to small manufacturers of things like trailers look to us for their square tubing supply. While this material is certainly a popular choice for many structural applications, larger projects may call for rectangular steel tubing. This is what you'll find used for trailer frames and even automobiles. Thanks to the structural strength and adaptability to a range of applications, square and rectangular steel tubing is often ideal for structural needs. All you need is a good welder, and the sky is the limit.

3. Drill Stem Pipe

We've heard drill stem pipe referred to as the great renewable resource of Texas, and our huge inventory is a terrific example of why. This specific type of steel tubing is abundant thanks to the gas and oil industry in our region. While we're careful about what we put in our inventory, it's worth noting that used drill stem pipe is being sold for a reason. So, you'll want to stick with new drill stems when running a drilling rig. However, once the rig is done with a drill stem, it can become part of a sturdy and good-looking fence. If you've done much driving around Texas outside of the big cities (and sometimes even in the middle of the Dallas Fort Worth area) you've probably seen a drill stem fence. It probably didn't look any different from other fences welded together from steel pipe, but it was most certainly more affordable to put up than a fence made from new or reject steel pipe.


2. Steel Pipe

This whole page is essentially about steel pipe and tubing, but we think it's important and versatile enough to have its own spot right here at number two. As we mentioned above, steel pipe is found just about everywhere, but you'll want to make sure to get the right kind of steel pipe for the situation. Some structural steel pipe is exceptionally strong when it comes to holding something up, but it may not be acceptable to fill with a high-pressure fluid or gas.

You can also get welded or seamless steel pipe. While it may seem that seamless might be stronger, that isn't necessarily the case, since the manufacturing process of seamless steel pipe limits how thick the walls of the pipe can be. If you're considering steel pipe for containing and moving material, make sure you know and follow all the appropriate specifications required for the application. If you're not sure about this part of the project, one of our experts will be happy to help.

1. Pole Barn

Just like a drill stem fence, you won't have to travel far in Texas to find a pole barn. In its most simple form, a pole barn is simply a bunch of poles stuck in the ground to support a roof. These poles are typically steel pipes, and they provide the core of many affordable, sturdy, and reliable buildings. Of course, the pole barn comes in virtually any shape and size, and some of them aren't even put up with "poles" of steel pipe. In fact, the steel building kits we offer are often called pole barns even though they have no round poles in them. From a small backyard shed to a huge steel warehouse or even a football stadium, we invite you to contact us and see just how easy and affordable it is to put up a steel building with help from Eagle National Steel.

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