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Quality Steel Pipe & So Much More From Eagle National Steel

There seems no end to the ways that steel pipe is an ideal material for a wide range of projects. Whether it's a sturdy irrigation system, structural building material, or safety cage for your project car, it's good to know that you can find the right steel pipe at the right price for your project. As one of the nation's largest steel suppliers, Eagle National Steel is here to help. In our massive inventory, you'll find quality structural steel pipe in any quantity to make your project run that much smoother. But that's not all. We also provide a wide range of reject pipe, used pipe, and drill stem pipe. Knowing which type is best for your needs means first considering what you'll be asking of it.

New Steel Pipe From Eagle National Steel

When only the best will do, you'll probably be looking for new steel pipe. It's typically manufactured in one of two ways. Either it starts as a flat sheet of steel that's rolled into a pipe and welded for what's called Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe. The other way steel pipe is typically manufactured is with solid steel that's pierced or extruded to create a seamless pipe. If you're not sure which type of steel pipe your project calls for, one of our experts will be happy to discuss it with you and help find the perfect solution.

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New Reject Pipe For The Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Beyond

If you're new to the world of structural steel pipe, you may be tempted to simply skip past anything called 'reject.' However, it may be worth considering. You see, various industries and steel foundries can be extremely picky. That means new steel pipe can be rejected for even the most minor defect. Even with today's outstanding manufacturing technology, inspectors still kick decent pipe to the reject pile. New reject steel pipe may have a small hole or two from where the inspector took a sample, but the pipe is otherwise perfectly suited for a wide range of uses.

Consider Used Steel Pipe From Eagle National Steel

For basic things like a shelving unit, a new bench in your shop, or a variety of other projects that don't require the highest quality steel pipe, you could save a bundle by going with used pipe. A lot of the used pipe you find from the oil and gas industry isn't always favored since some suppliers may not hold their used inventory to very high standards. If you've had a bad experience trying to find decent used pipe in the past, we'd like to show you some better options in our huge selection of used steel pipe at Eagle National Steel.

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View Our Selection Of Steel Drill Stems & Sucker Rods

You won't have to travel too far out of a town in Texas to see a drill stem fence, and there are a lot of good reasons that stem pipe fences are so popular. They're strong enough to contain an angry bull, they're resilient enough to make it the last fence you'll need to build, and they help make your property presentable. We like to think of steel drill stems and sucker rods as one of the great renewable resources of Texas, and you'll find a huge selection with great prices at Eagle National Steel.