Equal Angle Steel Is Available at Eagle National Steel

When your next project calls for equal angle steel, Eagle National Steel is the place to go. We have equal angle steel in a variety of sizes so you can find the size that's perfect for the job. These hot-rolled, low-carbon pieces have an L-shaped surface that gives them exceptional strength, both vertically and horizontally. This allows you to add necessary rigidity to your project while still staying within your budget.

Even though you'll find equal angle steel in a variety of sizes, they have one thing in common: the leg lengths are equal. Whether you're reinforcing an old building or constructing a support frame for a new one, equal angle steel provides good, even support for the project. Of course, it's not just buildings that use equal angle steel. You'll find that this durable and versatile project is handy in a wide range of industrial applications, from railroads to shipyards.

If you need unequal angle steel, where the legs are different sizes, we carry that also.

Structural Steel and More Is Available at Eagle National Steel

What do you get when you cross the convenience and huge inventory of a big business with the friendliness and attentiveness to customers of a small shop? You get Eagle National Steel! Our inventory is filled with new and secondary steel, as well as building components, ornamental steel, and other tools and equipment for your project. We've been involved with massive stadiums and other buildings, but we give every one of our customers the same level of service and attention.

Whether you're down the road or across the country, Eagle National Steel can help. Our huge warehouse has all the steel you'll need, and we'll personally deliver your materials within a 300-mile radius. If you're farther out than that, don't worry! We ship our steel all around the nation. We look forward to helping you get your project done at Eagle National Steel.