Diamond Plate Steel Is Available at Eagle National Steel

Diamond plate steel is impressively versatile, and we're proud to carry it at Eagle National Steel. The raised diamond pattern on diamond plate helps prevent skidding and slipping by providing more grip than you'd get from smooth metal. This means that it's a perfect choice for a variety of places that people will regularly walk or step on. Use it on vehicle running boards or trailer floors to prevent slipping without compromising strength. In fact, many fire trucks and ambulances make use of diamond plate steel. It's also perfect for stairs, ramps, and catwalks, especially those with high volumes or in places where they'll be exposed to inclement weather. Diamond plate can even be used decoratively!

Due to its anti-slip properties and usefulness for walking surfaces, diamond plate is also known as tread plate and floor plate. We use high-quality steel in the diamond plate we sell at Eagle National Steel. This means that you're getting excellent materials that are designed to last. Diamond plate may not be forever, but its durability means that it may just come pretty close!

Eagle National Steel Is Your Source for Steel & Supplies

Whether you're a big company looking for steel by the truckload or a local wanting to build a shed or put up some steel fencing, you'll find that Eagle National Steel is the place to go. We've been around the block more than a few times, and we have the big projects under our belt to prove it. We've been involved with projects like the Dallas Zoo, the American Airlines Center, and the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. But we got our start as a small business, and we never abandoned those small-business values like dedication to every customer. This means that there's no project too big or too small for the folks at Eagle National Steel.

Whether you're here in Texas or across the country, we can help you! We deliver materials and building supplies within a 300-mile radius, and we can ship our structural steel even farther than that. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you get what you need for your next project from Eagle National Steel.