Steel Buildings and Components from Eagle National Steel serving Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX

Steel Buildings & Components

One of the most economical ways to solve your building needs is to invest in a steel building--and no one is better able to handle your metal building needs than Eagle National Steel. We are conveniently located in Dallas, TX and we are ready for any size metal building project with over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space stocked with everything you will need. Whether you are looking for a more permanent storage solution with a reasonable price or you need to expand your current warehouse space or facility, a steel building is likely to be your best solution. We provide every variety of metal and steel buildings from bolt to weld up, and we'll be happy to not only deliver your new steel building, but assemble it as well with affordable rates.

Bolt-Up Buildings

When you're looking for a quick and easy steel building, choose a bolt-up steel building from Eagle National Steel serving Dallas, TX. Bolt-up steel buildings are exceedingly easy to construct - pieces are bolted together and the finished product is nice and durable. Construction of a bolt-up steel building is traditionally fast, which makes them an attractive option if what you're looking for is a simple and rapidly erected building, carport or shelter. In addition to being simple to construct, repair is just as easy since replacing any potential damage is as simple as unbolting a section and replacing it.

Weld-Up Buildings

If you're in need of a durable steel building on a budget, choose a custom weld-up steel building from Eagle National Steel. We can customize a weld-up steel building to meet any need and, since fewer parts and less tooling is required to manufacture and construct a weld-up steel building, you might save money vs. a comparable bolt-up steel building. Weld-up steel buildings are a great choice when you're in need of a storage unit, workshop, barn, garage or any other sort of steel building. The finished product is strong and durable and can be customized in a variety of sizes with a wide variety of options.

Meet Angela Shirley

Angela Shirley has been with Eagle National Steel for over 22 years. She can take care of ALL of your Metal/Steel Building needs. Everything from a piece of sheet metal to drawing up plans and providing Engineer-certified blueprints and arranging the building construction. You can contact Angela by email at or call her at 972.225.8138.

Whether you are looking forward to assembling your new steel building yourself or having us take care of it, you are sure to be pleased with our affordable pricing and quality products. We stock a wide variety of pre-designed metal buildings and we would also be delighted to help you design a steel building specifically for your needs. From new buildings to expanding existing structures, we have you covered at Eagle National Steel serving Dallas and Grand Prairie, TX. As one of our nation's largest steel suppliers, we proudly serve customers from all over the region, so don't hesitate to call us from any distance. We may be the preferred steel supplier for contractors of major projects across Northern Texas, but we also go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service for even the small projects like carports.

It doesn't matter what size your project is or what steel and sheet metal (Laminas) materials you need for it: we remain dedicated to providing every customer with exceptional service. At Eagle National Steel, we have come from humble beginnings as a small business and built what you see today by developing and maintaining relationships with our customers.

We may have grown into one of the largest steel companies in the country, but we never forget that we have done so by taking the best care of our customers and their needs. When the time comes for your new steel building, facility expansion, or warehouse enhancement, we are confident you will be impressed with our unmatched customer service and high-quality products.

Ready to Expand?

Give us a call! Wherever you are, we can provide your next steel or other metal building!

A new steel building is ideal for that classic car restoration project or that wood shop you have always dreamed of. As one of the nation's largest steel suppliers, we're confident you will be impressed at how affordable your new metal building will be from Eagle National Steel proudly serving the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area and beyond. We're happy to take care of the delivery and we also have expert installers if you wish to leave assembly to the experts. No matter what size your metal building need is, from backyard to industrial warehouse, Eagle National Steel is the only call you need to make. We look forward to earning your business.

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