Eagle National Steel Rebar Product Information

Choose The Right Size & Type Of Rebar With Eagle National Steel In The Dallas, TX Area

Rebar is a term that means reinforcing bar, and it's primarily used to strengthen concrete or other masonry structures. While concrete maintains an impressive strength under compression, it comes up a bit short when it comes to tensile strength, or ability to withstand being pulled apart. That makes rebar one of the most important building materials that you never see. While steel pipe and purlins used in steel buildings are often on display, rebar is typically contained within the structural concrete of a building, foundation, roadway, and more. Whether you're just looking to redo your concrete back porch the right way or you're a contractor with a bridge to build, we're confident that we can fill your rebar order quickly and conveniently at Eagle National Steel. We're conveniently located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but customers from all over the nation look to us when they need structural steel and supplies. Below, we look at some of the more common types and sizes of rebar.

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Carbon Steel Rebar (Black Bar)

This is widely considered the best option for much of the construction industry. While carbon steel rebar is the most commonly used, it does have some drawbacks that relate to corrosion. In areas of high humidity, exposure to water, and especially where exposed to salt water, you should probably avoid this type of rebar.

Welded Wire Fabric

While this type of rebar is also good for concrete construction like roads, foundations, and floors that need to accommodate a lot of weight, welded wire fabric has a variety of great uses. It's a great material for certain livestock enclosures and can be used for fencing, platforms, and even shelving. It's also a go-to reinforcing material for road pavement, drainage structures, concrete canals, and box culverts.

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There are other types of steel rebar, and we'd love to tell you more while helping get your project done correctly, on time, and on budget. At Eagle National Steel, we started as a humble family shop with an understanding that every customer should be treated like family. That dedication has helped us grow to one of the largest steel suppliers in the nation. Here, we're just as happy to help any individual who needs steel for their hobby as we are capable and efficient for big projects like the new Dallas Cowboys stadium or Dallas Zoo. If you're within 300 miles of one of our locations, we'll deliver your order of steel and supplies. Otherwise, we ship orders all over the country. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more.