Unequal Angle Steel Is Available at Eagle National Steel

Eagle National Steel is your source for unequal angle steel. We carry a variety of unequal angle steel sizes, so you can find the ones that are the perfect fit for your project. The L-shaped surface of our unequal angle steel bars give them impressive vertical and horizontal strength, making them perfect for adding reinforcement or use in support frames. From small projects like shelves and tables all the way to structural support, you'll find that unequal angle steel bars have a variety of uses.

Unlike equal angle steel, unequal angle steel bars have legs with different lengths. This can be incredibly useful if you're building a project that requires greater support in one area than another. And since we have a huge selection of unequal angle steel in various dimensions, you'll be able to find bars with the leg lengths your project needs.

If your project calls for equal angle steel instead of or in addition to unequal angle steel, Eagle National Steel is glad to help. We also carry equal angle steel bars.

Choose Eagle National Steel for Your Structural Steel Needs

Whether you're here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or across the country, Eagle National Steel is proud to be the place to go when you need materials for your next project. We started out as a small business, and we've never lost those values. We treat every customer with care, respect, and attentiveness. However, we also have the benefits of being a big business: we have a huge inventory of structural steel, secondary steel, construction materials, ornamental wrought iron, and so much more! With over 2,100 line items in our inventory, more than 600 truckloads of steel on-site, and a warehouse with over 150,000 feet of space, you're sure to find what you need. This combination of attentive customer service and impressive inventory has made Eagle National Steel one of the largest steel companies in the nation. We look forward to helping you at Eagle National Steel.