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At Eagle National Steel, we provide various sizes of drill stem pipe that you can use to make your sucker rod fence on your ranch. Drill stem and sucker rod is one of the great recyclable resources around Texas and we have the supply you need. It allows you to create better-looking fences that are more suited to keeping animals such as horses. High-strung animals could injure themselves on wired fences, which is why our products that allow you to make a drill pipe fence are ideal for any ranch owner.

If you are looking for sucker rod and drill stem pipe for sale, you can browse our available lengths and sizes quickly online or at our locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. If you’re not sure what you need, we’ll happily discuss your requirements with you and point you to the right product.

Thinking about building a drill stem fence? Find all of the material you need and be ready for any length fence. Place your order easily on line, over the phone at 800-214-3245. We look forward to earning your business here at Eagle National Steel.

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At Eagle National Steel, we stock a variety of options for drill stem pipe. Our drill stem includes 2-7/8” used drill stem x 31” length, or 2-3/8” used drill pipe for sale. On the other hand, if you want sucker rod for sale, we have a 7/8” used sucker rod x 25” lengths or 3/4” used sucker rod x 25-inch lengths. We can also provide you with used pipe at 8-5/8” x 21” OD.

You can use our drill stem to make the ideal drill pipe fence on your ranch to help contain high-strung animals so they don’t injure themselves. A freshly painted pipe fence running straight and strong lets everyone know that yours is a ranch that has it together.

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Drill Stem, Sucker Rod