New Reject Pipe

We are often asked, “What is reject pipe?” and whether it can serve the purposes of most projects requiring reliable piping. Reject pipe is new piping containing minor imperfections or holes due to sampling cores being taken out. However, this does not mean the pipe is useless since there are hundreds – if not thousands – of projects using reject piping perfectly fine.

With our reject pipe, you can easily machine or cut these pipes down to size. New Reject Pipe is a great deal, especially for projects like fencing and livestock applications. Reject pipe often proves a great material for a wide range of projects.

At Eagle National Steel, we serve the greater Dallas Fort Worth region as one of the nation’s leaders in pipe sales. This means you will find new reject pipe available here that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a wide variety of new reject pipe or sale and, with the right equipment and know-how, it can be cut, welded, and machined to fit your needs.

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At Eagle Steel, we provide a range of reject pipe for sale to suit a variety of project requirements where you want to machine and cut your own pipes, or where error-free pipes are not necessary.

Reject pipe is brand-new pipes that simply contain a few imperfections or has some holes where sample cores were removed. We provide reject pipe to our clients in sizes of 3/4”.

Visit one of our locations in Greenville or Hutchins, Texas to take a look through our inventory and get your new reject pipe supply for less.