S Beams

S beams, or Standard American Beams, are widely used in general construction and team at Eagle National Steel will happily provide them to you for your next project. The tapered flanges of an S-shape beam offer superior strength over typical steel beams with wide flanges known as H shaped beams.

The possible uses and applications of S Beams are numerous and varied, including home and building construction, truck bed frames, hoists, lifts, and much more. If you need new or used beams for steel beam construction, we offer a range of S beam dimensions that include smaller and larger construction beams.

Our professionals can also quickly assist if you want to know the subtle differences between S beam vs I beam. Fortunately, we carry both S beam and I beam. If you are looking for steel S beam and I beam for sale, you can find them quickly right here at Eagle National Steel. Once you know what you need, you can place an order online or call 800-214-3245.

Once you know what you need, you can visit our North Texas steelyard, place an order online, or call us for any assistance you might require in filling your order–we’re here to serve you and meet all your steel your needs at Eagle National Steel.

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With a variety of beam metal available, you can select strong, high quality S beam in a variety of lengths and sizes. Here are some S beam dimensions we offer:

• S 12″ x 31.8# x 40′
• S 12″ x 31.8# x 30′
• S 12″ x 31.8# x 20′
• S 10″ x 25.4# x 40′
• S 10″ x 25.4# x 20′
• S 8″ x 18.4# x 40′
• S 8″ x 18.4# x 30′
• S 8″ x 18.4# x 20′
• S 6″ x 17.25# x 40′

Note that we can also provide you with steel I beams for sale, so simply ask our professionals about our steel I beams for more info.

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10", 12", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8"


20', 30', 40', 60'


10#, 12.5#, 17.25#, 18.4#, 25.4#, 31.8#, 5.7#, 7.5#, 7.7#