5 Things to Do Before Constructing a Metal Building

For many folks, hiring a contractor to construct their metal building may be the best way to go about things. But if you have some construction experience (and a few friends who are willing to help), constructing your own prefab metal building can be a cheaper alternative. At Eagle National Steel, we proudly provide bolt-up and weld-up steel buildings, as well as various other metal building components you might need.

Metal Framed Building

But before you start building, there are some important things you should know. Taking these precautions can mean the difference between a smooth construction experience and one that ends up over-budget and beyond the schedule.

5. Get the Proper Permits

Whether you're building a little shed or a big barn, you may need to secure a permit first. It's better to be on the safe side, so we recommend checking with your city or county building department before you start any project. After all, it's much easier to change plans before you start construction than it is to have to stop construction or make significant changes to your building.

Welding Safety

4. Choose & Prepare Your Location Carefully

Choosing the right spot for your building is important. Once you've chosen the site, it's time to start preparing for the project. Make sure that the path to and from the job site is clear and easily accessible, and be sure to check for overhead power lines.

After you've made the site easy and safe to get to, you can prepare the site itself. The ground should at least be leveled and graded. However, larger buildings may need additional work, including having soil tests performed and pouring a foundation.

Roof of a Metal Building

3. Brush Up on Safety Practices

It can be easy to assume that you and your crew know how to stay safe on the site, but even seasoned workers need to brush up on how to best keep safe. The components of a steel building are heavy and can be dangerous, so you need to make sure everyone is wearing hard hats, gloves, and harnesses where applicable. Be certain that everyone knows how to safely use ladders and other tools, as well. One thing that's often overlooked is heat. Providing shade and water can go a long way towards preventing heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Metal Building Frame

2. Read the Manual

There's no shame in having to read the manual, and doing so doesn't make you any less capable at DIY tasks. To get quality construction, reading the manual that comes with a prefab kit is absolutely necessary. This manual will do more than just show you how everything should go together: it will tell you the best techniques to get the job done. Without a manual, you may accidentally damage the building by doing something you shouldn't (like cutting primary members and other parts). Check the instructions at each step to be sure you're doing things right. This can save you time and money while reducing stress and frustration.

1. Know Who To Call for Assistance

If you get in over your head, it's always a good idea to have someone you can call for help. Whether you have to contact Eagle National Steel with a question or get in touch with a local contractor to help you out of a tight spot, be sure you have a few numbers saved.

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