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5 Reasons to Choose Professional Steel Cutting Services

At Eagle National Steel, we sell a huge variety of steel products, from pipe to purlins to structural beams and beyond. But did you know that we can also cut your steel to the size you need it? Whether you're buying just a little bit of metal for a small project or need a truckload of steel shipped to you, our industrial saws and trained experts will make sure that everything is cut just as you need it.

Of course, there are also lots of different methods you can use to cut your own steel. In some cases, it may even make more sense to make a small cut or two at home. But in many cases, it may be a better idea to let us take care of cutting your steel. Below, you'll find five advantages that professional steel cutting has over doing it on your own.

Professional Cutting For Large Jobs
Produces Smooth Cuts
Get Accurate Cuts
Save Money On Equipment

5. Professional Steel Cutting Is Better for Larger Jobs

Unless you have a large industrial-grade steel-cutting saw, you'll be limited in how much you can cut at a time. Scoring and snapping the metal or using compound snips or a hacksaw may be a decent choice for one or two pieces of metal, but using these techniques will take lots of time and effort for bigger projects. And while tools like bench shears or circular saws take some of the elbow grease out of the equation, they'll still take a long time to cut a larger number of steel pieces.

4. It Produces Smooth Cuts

Let's say you only need a couple pieces of steel cut for your project. If that's the case, then the previous point won't be a problem for you. But if you're planning on using a tool like hacksaw or an angle grinder that's been equipped with a metal cutoff blade, you may find that the cuts are jagged. This can even happen if you're scoring and snapping or using compound snips. Trusting the experts at Eagle National Steel means that the cuts will be smooth.

3. Professional Steel Cutting Is Accurate

Of course, accuracy is also important. Cut a piece of metal too long and you'll have to cut it again; cut it too short and you may have to buy another piece of steel. Getting perfect accuracy can be difficult at home, especially if you're using tools like a chop saw, a plasma cutter, or a cutting torch. Having your steel cut professionally means that it will be exactly the size you need it to be.

2. For Heavy-Duty Steel Cutting, Go with the Pros

If you have a circular saw or a band saw in your workshop, you may be able to get the smoothness and accuracy that the other tools we mentioned may not give as easily. However, chances are your saw isn't suited for heavy-duty jobs like the steel-cutting saws at Eagle National Steel. The blades may have a hard time getting through thicker metal, or they may wear down quickly and need to be replaced often. Neither of these is a fun thing to find out when your saw is halfway through a flat or an S beam.

1. Professional Steel Cutting Can Save You Money on Equipment

If you have your steel cut at Eagle National Steel, you just may find that your wallet is happier. Doing the job well at home means that you'll have to buy special equipment. Even if you already have a band saw, buying replacement blades can quickly become pricey, especially if they wear down quickly. When you let us take care of getting your steel to the right size, you won't need to take any unplanned, frustrated trips to the hardware store.

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