Eagle National Steel Purlin Product Information

Steel Purlins In The Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area & Available Nationwide

You may have noticed that we can handle any size steel building at Eagle National Steel. That means we know purlins. These are the structural beams that provide the skeleton of a building's roof. Whether your project calls for a C Purlin or a Z Purlin, we'll fill your order conveniently and at a price that will make your project easier. That's because we understand that getting a project done right and on time doesn't leave room for anything less than the best steel building materials and customer service. Our huge inventory of steel purlins has what you need at the right size and strength for just about any project. But what is a purlin, exactly? Well, they typically come in two types: the C purlin and the Z purlin.

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Metal C Purlins at Eagle National Steel

Recently, wood roof structures have been taking a backseat to steel alternatives. It's because steel is easier to work with and even cuts down on transportation costs due to its weight savings. Perhaps the most common type of metal purlin is the C Purlin (or cee purlin). It's shaped like the letter C with flattened sides, which makes it strong, easy to install, and typically more affordable than framing your roof with wood. The C purlin is ideal for simple span construction. While it's mostly used for roofs, the C purlin is also a go-to for floor joists, structural support in walls, braces, ties, and more. Its design gives the C purlin great tensile strength and, thanks to cold roll forming, the tolerances on sectional sizes are nearly exact.

Metal Z Purlins & How They Differ From C Purlins

As their name suggests, these purlins are shaped somewhat like the letter Z. If your project involves a particularly large roof, you may need to go with Z purlins instead of C purlins. That's because the Z shape allows this purlin to overlap with other joints while also providing a range of design solutions. The ability to overlap with other joints also gives a Z purlin the potential for being much stronger than the C purlin.

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Whichever type of steel purlin your job calls for, our huge inventory is certain to have exactly what you need. Our steel purlins are supplied plain or punched for easier installation. What's more, you won't have to worry about getting inaccurate lengths or lower quality products. After all, it's our dedication to quality service and products that has made Eagle National Steel one of the largest and most trusted steel suppliers in the nation. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, contact us online or give us a call. One of our friendly experts will be happy to take care of all your steel and related supply needs no matter where you're located.