Learn about new oilfield pipe available now from Eagle National Steel in Dallas, TX

New Oilfield Pipe Just Arrived at Eagle National Steel Serving Dallas, TX

Here at Eagle National Steel, we proudly serve the Dallas Fort Worth area by providing a full selection of steel beams and steel piping for hard working Texans. Not only do we stock a full inventory of steel and metal products, piping, and building accessories, we're constantly updating our inventory with new products as well as additional sizing and design variants for existing products. Our newest arrival is new oilfield pipe. For oilfield pipe near Dallas, TX at a price point that fits your enterprise, look no further than the new piping available at Eagle National Steel.

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Eagle National Steel now carries Oilfield Pipe in multiple sizes, which are 2 3/8" and 2 7/8". These two common oilfield pipe sizes are designed to satisfy commercial oil field needs and get the job done for oil producers and transporters in Texas and the American Southwest. As the oil producer, you understand what your needs are and at Eagle National Steel, we're here to fill them.

Our supply of new oilfield pipe comes from a special purchase order and is available while supplies last. Additionally, you'll find our piping is available under secondary prices, which should make it affordable and accessible for any order you may need to fill. There's no time to waste--contact us today to get your order of oilfield pipe started and request a quote to get all the information you need before laying any pipe. We look forward to serving you at Eagle National Steel!