Secondary & Recycled Steel

One of the many great things about steel is that it not only survives the test of time, it also does not lose any of its properties when recycled. In fact, steel is the #1 recycled material in North America according to the Steel Recycling Institute. This means that steel can often be more environmentally friendly than wood. As the largest supplier of secondary steel in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX region, we are excited to provide you with a wide selection at reduced rates. Stop by and browse through our huge inventory and find what you need from a single stick to how ever many truck loads you want.

Secondary steel is another of our specialties here at Eagle National Steel--along with steel and metal buildings, structural steel supplies, and welding supplies. Taking advantage of our huge selection of secondary steel is often the ideal solution for smaller operations or projects where you have more time than money to devote. Spending a little time cleaning up secondary steel will save you a significant amount of money and chances are that we have what you need in our massive secondary steel inventory. Come take a look at the variety of steel we have for your project and let us know how many truck loads you need, or simply find that one piece that is ideal for your project.

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Recycled Steel

The resilience, versatility, and efficient manner in which steel can be recycled is a big reason that many of the steel products you see today, from cars to appliances, include recycled steel. In fact, roughly 80% of steel is recycled in the United States. Since steel can so efficiently be recycled, the industry has been perfecting the process for over 150 years. At Eagle National Steel, we are proud to support the Steel Recycling Institute by recycling materials to further help our industry reduce energy consumption and keep costs down. Not only will your steel purchase benefit from the savings that are passed on, but we all benefit from reduced energy and emissions produced by this critically important industry. Since steel doesn't lose any of its inherent structural properties through the process of recycling, more steel is recycled in the US than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined.

It only takes about 6 recycled cars to produce enough steel to build a typical 2,000 square foot two-story house where the same house could require as many as 40-50 trees. There is no limit to how many times old steel can be recycled into new steel, which explains why steel remains among the most important and versatile materials in the world. Our support for the Steel Recycling Institute is just one more example of how we do everything we can to better serve our customers and community by reducing costs and environmental impacts. We'd love to tell you more so give us a call to place your order and get answers to any questions you may have. We are conveniently located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and encourage you to please stop by so we can shake your hand and take care of all your steel needs, secondary or prime, at Eagle National Steel.